PHONE: +49 341 1493 262


  • Saxon University of Cooperative Education,State Academy (Business Administration)
  • Hogeschool Zeeland, Netherlands (International Business and Management )
  • Certified International Accountant, CIA
  • Languages: German, English

Stefanie Weise

Certified Business Administrator (BA)
– Leipzig

Stefanie is working as a certified business administrator at the Leipzig office of Andersen Tax & Legal, after having worked in the tax department of Thierhoff Müller & Partner from 2010 to 2017. Before starting at Thierhoff Müller & Partner, Stefanie advised mainly corporations, private companies as well as their shareholders in smaller tax firms.

Stefanie‘s practice focuses on tax advice concerning insolvency proceedings of companies of all types, particularly the filing of commercial and tax accounts as well as the preparation of tax returns and, if necessary, subsequent extra-judicial legal appeals. Moreover, she is responsible for the HR management under insolvency law, the pre-financing of insolvency wages and the social security deductions as well as record keeping of businesses trading in insolvency and other engagements.