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Practice areas Position Office VCard
Konrad Adenauer (sen) Real Estate Law, Corporate Law and M&A Of Counsel Cologne VCard
Konrad Adenauer (jr) Corporate Law and M&A Senior Associate Cologne VCard
Viktor Apelganz Tax Director Berlin VCard
Florian Arlt Real Estate Law Associate Berlin VCard
Johannes Becker Litigation, Corporate Law and M&A Partner Cologne VCard
Sandra-E. Behn Tax Partner Dusseldorf VCard
Moritz Brocker Corporate Law, Venture Capital Partner Berlin VCard
Frank Broßius Tax, Accounts Law Partner Merzig, Luxembourg VCard
Michael Buder Tax, Accounts Law Partner Dusseldorf VCard
Wilhelm Danelzik Commercial and Corporate Litigation and Arbitration Partner Cologne VCard
Jasper von Detten Private Building and Construction Law, Architectural and Engineering Law, Public Procurement Law Partner Berlin VCard
Daniel Fischer Tax, Alternative Investments Partner Cologne VCard
Christoph Freichel Accounts Law, Tax Partner Merzig VCard
Lars Freigang Tax, Restructuring Director Leipzig VCard
Johanna Kauschke Insolvency Law Associate Leipzig VCard
Timo Kläner Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts Of Counsel Berlin VCard
Hermann J. Knott Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts Partner Cologne VCard
Thomas Koch Banking and Regulatory Law Partner Cologne VCard
Stefan Kraus Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts, Litigation Partner Cologne VCard
Markus Lötschert Labor Law, Insolvency Law Director Leipzig VCard
Christoph Lutz Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Insolvency Law Senior Associate Leipzig VCard
Gerd Lützeler Accounts Law, Tax Of Counsel Cologne VCard
Lucas Mühlenhoff Labor Law Associate Berlin VCard
Renate Müller Real Estate Law, Restructuring, Insolvency Law, Corporate Law Partner Leipzig VCard
Martin Alexander Rath Commercial, IT, Litigation Partner Berlin VCard
Alessio Rossi Tax Partner Dusseldorf, Merzig VCard
Axel Roth Insolvency Administration, Forced Administration, Insolvency Law Director Leipzig VCard
Lucia Schacht Real Estate Law Senior Associate Berlin VCard
Andreas Schade Tax, Restructuring Associate Leipzig VCard
Ramune Schmidt Tax, Alternative Investments Associate Cologne VCard
Desirée Isabelle Schug Real Estate Law Senior Associate Frankfurt am Main VCard
Klaus Schütte Banking and Regulatory Law Associate Cologne VCard
Carolin Spönemann Corporate Law, Venture Capital Senior Associate Berlin VCard
Arnold Chr. Stange Tax, Corporate Law and M&A Partner Dusseldorf VCard
Sebastian Steffek Real Estate Law Associate Berlin VCard
Michael Thierhoff Restructuring, Expert opinions on questions of viability Partner Frankfurt am Main VCard
Zvi Tirosh Real Estate Law Partner Frankfurt am Main VCard
Cord Vernunft Labor Law Partner Berlin VCard
Johannes Voß Corporate Law and M&A, Litigation Partner Cologne VCard
Stefanie Weise Tax Associate Leipzig VCard
Philipp Zschaler Real Estate Law Partner Berlin VCard